Simulation, strategie and analysis

Simula is a management tool for the analysis and simulation of freight costs in procurement and distribution logistics, assessment of warehouse locations and freight cost controlling based on actual data from your ERP / WWS system.
Due to its enormous performance, SIMULA is even used live for meetings during price negotiations. The advantage, you recognizes directly the changes in your offer or cost structure.
With Simula you can calculate and secure your strategies or develop new strategies and potentials.


Simula is used by freight forwarders, industry and commerce

  • Freight cost controlling, with the possibility of calculation at the item level

  • Assessment and comparison of different freight offers for service providers / shippers

  • Calculation of selected shipments / loads for detail analyzes

  • Analysis of transport streams and shipment structures

  • Cost comparison of own vehicle fleet / forwarding, also for area analysis

  • Tariff analysis for the implementation of area structures, tariffs, conditions, etc.

  • Location analysis of

    • warehouse

    • distribution locations

    • base concepts

    • multi-level calculation variants (support for strategy planning and questions)

  • Support in price negotiations with detailed data and numbers

  • Options for forwarders

    • Tariff formation for customers

    • Analysis your transport network

  • Germany distance movement with toll and Europe distance work for 44 countries

Up to 100,000 freight calculations per minute on a standard PC

or server allow a fast and variable procedure.

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