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Over 30 years experience in logistics

We want to understand the business and the needs of our customers in order to provide optimal and highly qualified solutions in time and budget.


The company for logistics and organization mbH was founded in 1985. Since then she has been involved in logistical issues and related software.


Our systems are modular. Here we have no limitation in the design of a module and the resulting high adaptability to the processes of our customers.


GLO Systems in short

Parcel/ Pallets per year
Status-Events per year
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For Specialist by Specialist ist für uns nicht nur ein Spruch, unsere Mitar-beiter bewegen sicher und erfahren im logistischen Umfeld. Das Ergebnis ist eine schnelle und selbstverständ-liche Software.


Our products adapt to you and your processes and not vice versa. Thus, you can continue to take care of your business and we support you.

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We value the competence, flexibility and solution orientation of GLO, they are our strategic IT partner.

With customized solutions, GLO enables us to optimally manage our European distribution network and to offer our network members added value. They help us to serve service and process requirements effectively and efficiently - with an impressive time-to-market speed and quality!

Stephan Kübler

Network Director



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