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Share capital:

79.761,53 € (DM 156.000,-)



Dietmar Rehorst (Founder & 100% Shareholder)



10 permanent employee (without freelancer)
with several years of project Know-How


  • Diploma mathematician

  • Diploma commerce logistic

  • Specialist in computer science

  • Information technology officer

  • Specialist Application Development

  • Certified pc and network engineer


The GLO Gesellschaft für Logistik und Organisation mbH

-Unternehmensberatung was founded in 1985. Since then she has been involved in logistical issues and related software. Thanks to its enormous know-how, GLO is also active in logistical consulting for many companies, supporting companies in strategic and operational matters.


A milestone in the young history of the GLO was 1989, when the just founded German Parcel commissioned the GLO with the development of parcel systems. The order was a complete order, so the GLO provided additional hardware (scanner, printer, ...).

Due to the high flexibility of our system and the high ROI, the GLO is still working for the now renamed GLS General Logistics Systems and provides the software solution in large parts in Eastern Europe (GLS CEE).


The GLO was one of the first companies in the industry to offer a complete track & trace with their logistics systems. Back in 1990, GLO developed into a European logistics software provider. Today, GLO can showcase customers across Europe who successfully and effectively conduct their business with the GLO systems.

GLO's focus today is on both sides of logistics. On the one hand in the forwarding / service industry (freight forwarder, Courier, Express, Parcel) and on the other in the shipping industry (trade and industry).

Project experience all over Europe

in Germany

more than 32 years

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