System for Control and Performance

SCOPE is our business intelligence tool for logistics. It is 100% web-enabled and provides you with your data worldwide and location-independent.
It evaluates their complete processes, locations, linehauls from the sender to the recipient. Proactively, the data is evaluated and prepared as a dashboard simple and clear. This allows you to identify, tackle or prevent upcoming problems.


Data quality

  • Work with real live data

  • Flexible data connectivity

  • Secure data connection

  • High performance processing

  • Control (automatically) via parameters and occurring events

  • Logging of the data input and output

  • Archiving the input and output data

  • Providing reports via download on FTP


User Interface

  • Modern and Intuitive application

  • Flexible and adaptable

  • Multilingual system

  • Role-based user rights

  • Each carrier, location or user sees only the data concerning him

  • Available as Web or Classic Edition

  • Completely available as SaaS



  • Reporting down to the smallest level

  • Dashboard for Management

  • Reporting for Operation, Discrepancies, Quality, Performance

  • Simple overview due to traffic system

  • Automatic report mailing

  • all reports in excel, word, pdf, csv, txt, ... are available by default

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