Transport management software
for industry and commerce

LOG is a comprehensive transport management system that has been on the market since 1988 and has always evolved close to the customer.
The ideal solution for shippers of all kinds. LOG supports you from the arrival of the orders, the decision for the forwarder, the dispatch at the gate to the billing and statistics. Due to the high level of automation we relieve your employees. Your proccess is our business. LOG takes over day-to-day business and you and your team have scope for planning, strategies and improvements.


  • Fully automated data exchange

  • Logging of the data input and output

  • Flexible and secure data connectivity

  • High performance processing

  • Control (automatically) via parameters and occurring events

  • Archiving the input and output data

  • Integration of special processes on different interfaces

  • Possibility of inheritance of statis

  • Connection of ext. Systems (Shiopper, partners, customers, ...)

    • Interface transformation

    • Logical link to the defined data standard of the central system

    • Handling of different interfaces and versions

Central Administration

  • User

  • loading equipment

  • forwarding agents

  • forwarding office

  • receiving warehouse

  • activity type

  • quality code

  • sales organization

  • Sales Representative

  • Tariffs (Import via Excel)

    • distance, zipcode, toll, ...

    • space, pallet, colli, loading metre,...

  • relations

  • Cost Clearing (freight calculation)

  • credit note or control list (future invoice check)

  • logistic audits

  • tariff information dashboard

  • Distance Database for more than 44 Countries incl. toll


  • Shipping point

    • scanning

    • labeling

    • automatic choosing best tariff

  • automatic shipping to service providers incl. detail data

  • Track & Trace with traffic light system

  • Customer Service and clarification Tool

  • Shuttle transports

  • Pick Up

  • Return

  • Building of transit units

  • Loading agent accounting and reconciliation for pallets, barred box,... by PAL

Reporting by SCOPE

  • Reporting down to the smallest level

  • Dashboard for Management

    • Live on platform

    • via automatic Email

  • Reporting for

    • Management

    • Operation

    • Discrepancies

    • Quality

    • Performance

    • Clearing (credit notes or control list)

    • Statistics & KPI's

  • Quick overview by rating with a traffic light system

  • Automatic reports via mailing

  • all reports in excel, word, pdf, csv, txt, ... are available by default

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