for express services and networks

EXPRESS with its system components

Software solution for express, courier service providers and networks in national and international business


  • Fully automated data exchange

  • Logging of the data input and output

  • Flexible and secure data connectivity

  • High performance processing

  • Control (automatically) via parameters and occurring events

  • Archiving the input and output data

  • Integration of special processes on different interfaces

  • Providing of a control and overview console

  • Automatic notifications (e.g. in case of problems)

  • Possibility of inheritance of statis

  • Connection of ext. Systems (partners, customers, ...)

    • Interface transformation (PAN, Statis, PODs / image formats, etc.)

    • Logical link to the defined data standard of the central system

    • Handling of different interfaces and versions (without leasing)

  • Triggering support messages (e.g., lost, missing colli

Central Administration

  • User

  • Administration of

    • HUB and DEPOT

    • Partner and Carrier

    • Customer

    • Key Accounts

  • User incl. User roles

  • Multilingual system incl. translation modul

  • Zipcode areas

  • Tariffs & Services

  • Linehaul Management

  • Working Calendar

  • Clearing base data

  • Clearing and billing (internal & external)

    • full automatic billing of services

    • Provision of document data and payroll data for domestic systems

  • Complaints Processing


  • HUB


  • sorter data connection

  • warehouse connection

  • Scanning points

  • Hand scanner for driver

  • Key Account modul incl. Labeling

    • via Web

    • via Windows

  • Track & Trace

  • Customer Service and clarification Tool

  • Linehaul Management

  • Pick Up

  • Return

  • Building of transit units

  • Auxiliary colli or palette

  • Clearing

Reporting by SCOPE

  • Reporting down to the smallest level

  • Dashboard for Management

    • Live on platform

    • via automatic Email

  • Reporting for

    • Management

    • Operation

    • Discrepancies

    • Quality

    • Performance

    • Clearing

    • Statistics & KPI's

  • Quick overview by rating with a traffic light system

  • Automatic reports via mailing

  • all reports in excel, word, pdf, csv, txt, ... are available by default

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